You can choose to train at my CBD gym, or at your home (living room, condo gym) or a nearby park.  

Online options include sessions conducted via zoom or online program. 

No, you do not need to join the gym membership. No added fees.  

I will bring equipment including suspension trainer and resistance bands. We can also use chairs, steps and other things around the house, plus bodyweight exercises. 

Having said that, I always encourage clients to invest in some simple home equipment so that they can train outside PT.  

Rates differ. Do drop me an email for a complimentary consult and the rates. 

You can pause the package till gym reopensor continue to train at your home, outdoors or over zoom.  I strongly recommend not laying off for too long because your body gets deconditioned. 

Zoom training refers to PT conducted over zoom. It is similar to having me to watch you but from zoom.  

For online program, you download the program and watch the videos. It’s more flexible as you can train at your own time anywhere in the world. It is also more cost-effective. 

Hybrid refers to a mixture of zoom and training on your own via the online program.  You enjoy the convenience of training on your own, plus the benefit from me watching you train real-time 

Yes, some clients opt to train with a friend or spouse for added fun. Enquire for rates. 

You can go for single sessions or packages of 10 sessions.  Packages offer better rates.