Terms & Conditions

Cancellation of PT sessions: 

Joy Chua Fitness follows a 24 hours cancellation policy. You are required to provide at least 24 hours notice for changes or cancellations or the session is deemed delivered. Providing sufficient notice allows someone else who might have asked to train at that time the opportunity to do so. 

Package expiry dates 

10 sessions expire in 12 weeks from date of first session (once a week training) 

10 sessions expire in 6 weeks from date of first session (twice a week training) 

Gym Lockdowns 

In the event of gym lockdowns, clients can opt to train at their homes or pause the package until gym reopens. House call rates apply.  


There are no refunds for PT packages 

Acceptance of Risk 

Participation in a Personal Training Program includes risk of injury that may range in severity from minor to disabling to even death. Although serious injuries are not common in Training Programs, it is impossible to eliminate the risk.  

Joy Chua Fitness employees, staff and coaches will not be liable for any injuries and/or property damage as a result of client’s participation in all activities in relation to the Training Program. 

Joy Chua Fitness recommends that participants/clients get a doctor’s written approval for exercise before starting on the training program. It is the sole responsibility of the client to stop the activities should they feel unwell during the period of training.   

Clients shall hold blameless and indemnify Joy Chua Fitness, their employees, officers, agents, staff and coaches from any loss, cost, damage and/or expense of any nature, including all attorneys’ fees and costs which may have result, either directly or indirectly in client’s participation in the Training Program.